Mandatory Fields
After the migration the transaction rules for EU-100 accounts are as follows:

• Operator and aircraft operator holding accounts: Only to trusted accounts with the 4-eye-principle.
• Trading accounts (and former person holding accounts): To trusted and non-trusted accounts, each only with the 4-eye principle.

Under the index-tab ‘Trusted Accounts’ in the section ‘Trusted Account List Preferences’ one can apply online for the 2-eye-principle and, for operator and aircraft operator holding accounts, for transactions to non-trusted-accounts.

If you have applied for these changes we will send you a form to fill out, which you please have to return to us via VPS.

Transactions to non-trusted accounts and changes to the trusted accounts always require the 4-eyes-principle.

Person holding accounts in the national Kyoto-Registry (DE-121 accounts) stay the same.